Gift & Gratitude

Even though gratitude is the best attitude to wear every single day, this season and month of Thanksgiving has its own special purpose to remind each one of us to be thankful for all the reasons. And for us to remember, we have to acknowledge first. To acknowledge every single favor and all the grace that... Continue Reading →

Kill the Rat!

This morning I spotted a rat in my bedroom that ran into my closet. The building is brand new and it’s a gorgeous apartment. So, there is not much scope for the rats to run around in here but I found one anyway because of the construction that’s happening right across. It’s fairly small so... Continue Reading →

Hello, Love!

If there is one corner that's my most favorite in my place, then its this! A place where i learn, where i soak, where i unwind, where i gaze upon the sky, where i weep, where i ponder, where i write, where i change my world with my thoughts... #transitions #seasonsoflife #thoughtshavepower #thereismoretolife #deep #biggerandbetterthings... Continue Reading →

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