Are you?

Is it ok to be exhausted? With what? Expectations? Of who? A Woman! From who? A Woman! Frailties are part of our human DNA. But none of us wants to embrace them entirely because we fear not being fully accepted or coming short of other’s idea of what one should be or not be. Leave... Continue Reading →

Tame your day

It’s interesting how the days are running already in two thousand eighteen. I don’t know if you realized or not but it’s already the 9th of February in 2018. We are into 9 days of the second month of 2018. I know I am saying it again but its important...Because, that got me to thinking... Continue Reading →

Say What Now?

If i was 10 times bolder than i am right now what would i do? - I would repost this right here! Probably this woman Sophia Nelson is ahead of the game and born to just help me unlock my code! #yesiamstilltalkingaboutallofthesethings #yesistillgotmoxie #yesigotmydisinfectantmytruth #yesigotmyresolve #yesitsnoteasy #yesiamunashamed #yesijustdontcaretheaccusingvoicesanymore #cuzmycodeisunlocked

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