I have mastered the skill of taking quotes like this literally. And yes, that has helped me grow in my mind! They are no more a fluffy composition of some great thoughts thrown up in the air. They have become some real words of grit that i put into deliberate practice to get the whole... Continue Reading →

Feed your Destiny

Happy New Year! It was exactly 3 years ago this day, I started writing here on Lyfe In General. Life has been very interesting in these years and clearly something that lacked deeper intuition and clarity of the big picture of life in general. We all grow and we all have our own journey. But... Continue Reading →

Are you Fat?

Yea, you heard the question right! Except that this time, it should follow another question - fat where? Are you fat in your soul? Every single person goes through some or the other stuff in life that will leave them wretched for a period of time. I believe that bad things should make one, only... Continue Reading →

Above Inspiration

If this is the kind of life we pursue after, i guess there is no other kind of beauty! And if failing big gets you here then i guess i dont have any regrets. Look at what Denzel Washington has to say and in a powerful way - https://youtu.be/BxY_eJLBflk Looking forward to a beautiful year... Continue Reading →

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